Why living in Devon is something you need to experience!

News at Howes Estates | 20/01/2016

Back at the start of this year, Country Life magazine collated statistics from Government departments, countryside organisations, the Met Office, and the Good Pub Guide, respectively, as part of a survey to find the best place in the country to live. Guess what? Devon came out on top!


So now we know that Devon is the best place to live in the country based on how they performed across 19 categories, including health, schools, environment, and heritage. Other ‘interesting’ factors which were taken into account included the quality of the local pubs and the number of residents in Who's Who.


This is particularly interesting for those who are thinking of swapping the city for houses for sale in Holsworthy, for example, then you’re likely to experience a bit of a change in the way of life.


The Country Life

Devon, as we’re sure you will be aware, is far more rural than the capital, among other major cities in the UK. Devon is simply teeming with open spaces and green areas. The region of Exmoor, which is always a wonderful day out for all the family, covers approximately 430 m2 of the country. Alternatively, head for the coast, there’s quite simply a sheer abundance of it for you to explore. Essentially, what Devon’s rural towns and villages are great for is enabling you to enjoy increased levels of peace and quiet, and more importantly, somewhere to escape the real world so you can unwind. There are a host of locations that may not be in the city but still remain only a short distance from one, for example Exeter, and Plymouth.


Increased Property for Your Pennies

If there’s one thing that can be used as a major contributor for people moving out of the city for Devon’s towns and villages, it’s the shift in cost of living. Places such as London, and the home counties, are among some of the most expensive places to live. On the other side of things Devon offers a much lower cost of living. Obviously, if you are looking for a property that offers something particularly appealing in a prevalent area then you are going to pay a premium. However, on the whole, if you want more disposable income, Devon beats major cities hands down. For example, you can buy a three-bedroom house in some areas in Devon for the same price as an apartment in a block in some London locations.


Heightened Levels of Relaxation

Although not everything will be within walking distance when you make a move to a rural location, by and large, the important things, such as local markets, or supermarkets, are never far away. However, depending on what you’re trying to buy, and in these modern times, internet shopping is just as convenient as physically going shopping for what you need. If you like to head to the shops then there might be a bit more of a trip, depending on what you’re shopping for of course, but you should try to embrace this as part of what makes the Devon pace of life so enjoyable. A slower style is great for stress levels, and you’re far more likely to realise how relaxed you’ve become once you’ve moved to Devon!


Don’t Panic, You’ve Not Moved to Mars!

Yes, it can be a big change of lifestyle when you move from a major city, but there are similarities, so don’t be put off! If you’re moving with a family, the schools in the county are wonderful, and healthcare is good in Devon too. You may be swapping an abundance of restaurants and bars for a lesser number, but there’s still certainly no shortage of fine dining and appealing watering holes waiting to be discovered all over the county.


Moving is always a big step but once you’re here you’ll soon realise why living in Devon is something you need to experience…


 Image: Mike under Creative Commons.

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