Lego warns there�s a brick shortage, so not all of us will be building this Christmas!

News at Howes Estates | 22/10/2015

Not exactly property news, but we all love Lego, and there’s no denying that it would have been the first stages a property developer, or architect would have started at before finding their love of building. But this year, the love of Lego has reached fever pitch and the toymaker simply cannot meet the demands they are faced with.


Thanks in part to the widespread success of the Lego movie, and the subsequent range of toys that followed, the family-owned company’s profits realised an increase of 18%, reaching £2.1 billion so far in 2015, according to a recent article published in The Telegraph.


Even with the Lego’s owners, the family of founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen, reinvested in excess of £295 million into the company to help build more plants and equipment to help increase supply in 2014, they’re still finding it hard to keep up.


However, Lego spokesman, Roar Trangbaek, broke the news, stating: ‘We will not be able to deliver all of the orders coming from customers in the remainder of the year.


‘We are running our factories at maximum capacity and will do everything we can to meet demand.’


It’s not the first time Lego has suffered similar shortages, as exactly 12 months ago they endured the same issue in various countries including Canada and Denmark.


The Asian market is set to be supplied by the new Shanghai factory in China, which is set to be operational by 2017, and would lighten the load considerably in the European plants.


Luckily, there’s no shortage of bricks and mortar in mid-Devon where you can find the property for sale, Crediton and other nearby locations offer. And who knows, they may have been designed by an avid Lego lover!


Image:InSapphoWeTrust under Creative Commons


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