Keep warm and save money at home this autumn/winter

News at Howes Estates | 13/10/2015

There's a chill in the air in these parts, and while it is a picturesque setting around our properties, our letting agents in Devon want to make sure that you’re nice and cosy in your new properties. So as the heating begins to creep on, and with rising energy costs, we have got a list of ways in which you can keep your home warm without having to wear out your bank balance on energy bills this autumn and winter.


Here are our 5 money saving tips for you:


Leave your doors open


No, we’re not mad, we’re not referring to the front door! However, inside the house there are some doors you should consider leaving open to increase the heat in your house. When you have a shower or draw a bath, simply leave the door open and let the heat and steam escape into adjoining rooms. You can also adopt this idea when you’re in the kitchen too. When you’re finished cooking with the oven, leave the oven door open, (please be aware that if you have children you may need to be extra vigilant), and reuse the heat that remains from cooking your food to warm the house. It sounds a bit odd to begin with but it’s a sure fire way to upcycle the heat you’ve already created!


Move the sofa


If you’ve got your sofa or any items of furniture placed in front of a radiator, then you’re definitely missing a trick when it comes to utilising your heating wisely. Take the time to consider rearranging your furniture away from radiators so that when your heating is on you feel the full benefits.


Shut the curtains


This is arguably the most important of all the points we have for you if you want to contain the heat in your home. It’s worth considering making a purchase of thermal curtains in the rooms you use the most. Thermal curtains are an inexpensive way to conserve heat, and if you didn’t fancy the thought of changing your colour coordinated curtains then you can just purchase some thermal lining and fix it to your current curtains. If you’re still unsure about this idea, then take into account that by doing this on its own you are potentially reducing heat loss by as much as 25%!


Sort out the spare room


Lots of people have a spare room, and if you do, then you should turn your attention to it for a moment. Make sure you’ve turned off any radiators in there, and ensure the door’s closed to conserve energy.


Change your energy provider



You may well have been with your energy provider for an extended amount of time but it’s likely that a better deal is just around the corner with an alternative provider. By shopping around and investigating what the other energy providers can do for you, you could be in for some tidy savings. Visit a comparison site, or uSwitch for example. Once you’ve found a deal, give your supplier a quick call and ask what they can do about offering you a better. By taking this step you’re potentially making a saving of more than £300-per-year!


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