Five top tips for a stress-free moving day

News at Howes Estates | 11/01/2016

If you’ve moved house before then you’ll know just how stressful the act of moving house can be, and if you haven’t yet had the pleasure then you can avoid the laborious task with our handy hints, that way you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!


Take a look and see how you can make things nice and easy for yourself:


1. Pack smartly



Set yourself up a daily portion in preparation for the move.By doing this you’re not delaying the inevitable, and you’re not over yourself by attempting to tackle a rather large job in one hit. Just remember that you’re going to need some energy left to unpack, once you’re at the other end!


2. Clothes call


If you take advantage of the services professional movers provide, then simply ask them to bring several wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. That way the movers take clothing, still attached to hangers, and hey presto! Your clothes will be in and out without you having to wear the same outfit for three days straight! Another plus is that you can avoid having to re-iron your things as they won’t have gotten creased like they would if packed in boxes.


3. Move some of the essentials beforehand


This is really a tip for anyone who isn’t moving too far from their existing home, but we’d advise on planning to shift some of the essential basic supplies over the day before the big move. By this we mean making sure you have the wash/bathroom basics unpacked as well as some clothes for a few days. This is just another way to keep stress to a minimum.


4. Saying goodbye can be hard, so make it easier


Relocating from a family home that is rich with sentimental value can be the hardest part of moving house. Make the experience less painful by making a Pinterest board with things you're looking forward to doing in the new home, new decorating ideas for example. Also, why not take a video clip of your children talking about their favourite part of the house to preserve the memories. One additional idea would be to take as many photos of the old house and its memories as possible and add them to your Pinterest boards. Remember, you can never take enough photos, but you can take too few.


5. Free boxes


Save the annoyance of having to pay for boxes by asking local businesses if they have any sturdy boxes left from deliveries etc. Most business owners will be happy to let you have them as they have to pay for cardboard recycling pickups, so everyone’s a winner!


We hope that our advice comes in handy for you, and if you are looking to move but are yet to find a dream home, why not take a look at what dream houses for sale in Devon Howes Estates could offer you?

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