Five neat ideas to make your new house feel like home in no time

News at Howes Estates | 09/11/2015

You can be as excited as a kid in a sweet shop about moving house but it’s almost inevitable that in your first few weeks you are going to feel a little strange, with new surroundings to get used to etc. You can always help to get around these feelings by celebrating a birthday or planting a garden, for example, but waiting for things such as birthday’s can be a wait too long, so here's some simple ideas to help your new house feeling like a home in no time!



1. Head for the wardrobe/closet

Correct us if we’re wrong, but almost everyone will start the unpacking proceedings in the common areas first. By this we mean the lounge, study, and kitchen, for example. What you should consider doing is putting your efforts into the wardrobe or closet as a first port of call. There’s nothing more frustrating that not having anything to wear come Monday morning, so get the wardrobe done and then move on.


2. Children’s rooms should be a priority

While it may seem like we are contradicting our first point, we still advise that, if you have children, their space is made a priority too. If the kids are at ease and happy then chances are you’re going to be far less stressed and they’ll be settled in their new home before you know it. If you’ve given them something to take their mind off a move, then they’re almost certainly going to be happy in their new surroundings faster than they would have been.


3. Get comfortable

Once you’ve moved in, the first thing many people will do when they move in is pull out all the clean bedding. Get the lot out, pillows, duvets, sheets, and throws. After all, is there anything more comforting than sleeping in your old, cosily made bed?


4. Smell your way to homeliness

Lots of people will say that they need their new house to be filled with fresh or warming smells to make it truly feel like home. Scented candles, baking, plug in fragrances, it matters not, just do what suits you, but there’s a strong case to say that you can smell your way to homeliness.


5. Hold up on hanging your artwork

It’s quite possible that you have spent a long time acquiring your collection of artwork, so why would you want to hang it up willy-nilly and not be totally satisfied with the outcome once it’s up? Instead, why not unpack each piece once you’ve taken care of the other points we’ve mentioned and then lean them against walls, sideboards, and nightstands so that you can still enjoy them? Then ,when you’re satisfied with where they going to go, hang them in full confidence.



If you are looking to make a new house a home, Winkleigh property for sale through Howes Estates can help you realise your dream property.

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