Expert designer offers tips on creating the perfect �man cave�

News at Howes Estates | 26/11/2015

The official understanding of the ‘man cave’ or ‘manspace’ is a male retreat or sanctuary in one’s home, that has been converted from original paces such as spare bedrooms or garages for example. But what does it take to make the perfect Man Cave? Holly Hickey Moore, an expert American interior designer, has recently provided a number of helpful tips on how she personally makes the perfect retreat for her clients. So if you have bought one of our houses for sale in Mid-Devon and you have plans for a man cave these handy hints might come in handy to make you the envy of all your friends!


When it comes to decorating the walls, you should consider painting or wallpapering with a dark colour. by doing this you are immediately creating the feeling of a cave as you enter. You might consider this to be an off-putting trait, however, by creating that slightly enclosed feeling you are giving the cave a sense of warmth and detachment from everyday life.


When it comes to the décor with textiles, you need to be looking into adding soft textiles; curtains, rugs and cushions, for example. By including these textiles you’re helping to build a homelier feel. The extra touch is that they can also help to absorb the noise, so when you’re learning the electric guitar and you’ve got Stairway to Heaven on full blast, your neighbours won’t mind!


The essential element in terms of choosing your seating is to always choose leather, Holly Hickey Moore states. They should also be swivel chairs wherever possible as swivel chairs provide a better opportunity for occupants of the man cave to converse.


You shouldn’t be aiming to dazzle people with the bright lights in your man cave. Instead you should be looking to provide gentle lighting that will create the illusion of a cave, while offering enough light so that you can still see your impressive contents in the cave. Look to buy energy-efficient LED lighting as this will save you money on energy bills in the long run, and they look more refined.


Having a fireplace will be a welcome addition. Not only will you feel warm and cosy, it’s got that basic feel to it that’s in keeping with the man cave ethos. You can acquire gas appliances that give the appearance of a genuine fire, without the cost of more expensive options. But if you have the chance, why not have the real thing?  


Image:  Elizabeth Anderson under Creative Commons

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