The average UK home buyer desires a �200,000 three-bed home

News at Howes Estates | 14/12/2015

New research has revealed what the average UK home buyer is after when it comes to home buying, with a house price at £205,221, having previously owned two properties in their lifetime, and being statistically odds-on to acquire a three bedroom semi-detached property in a suburban area.


The majority of people make the purchase with a spouse or partner, with only 18 per cent going it alone. People aged 18 to 24 make up 17 per cent of the study who stated they buy their first home with friends, bestowing to the fresh study.


Depending on the region people are located in tends to determine the variations of who people buy with. It was revealed, that with 35 per cent of those asked, people residing in Wales are most likely to make the purchase alone. The South East of England came second to their Welsh counterparts with 28 per cent, and Yorkshire slightly less, at 27 per cent.


As you would expect, location is the largest factor in deciding on a property for potential buyers. 65 per cent declared it as their number one priority, with 56 per cent stating bedroom number is vital to their choice, followed by 41 per cent of people saying the garden was their main factor. Additional influences include the layout of the property as essential (34 per cent), kitchen dining room (29 per cent), and having a downstairs toilet (19 per cent), as a priority.


As far as location of a property is concerned, average buyers stated transport was the most important factor (56 per cent), with shops/supermarkets close by coming second (44 per cent), a low crime rate at 39 per cent.


It is the three bed houses that came out as the most popular with 45 per cent of buyers going for this size property. 27 per cent look to find a two bedroom home, with a further 18 per cent shopping for a four bed house. At the other end of the scale, it was reported that fewer than 5 per cent are looking to buy studio and one bedroom properties.



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