Buying a house? 7 top property viewing tips

News at Howes Estates | 11/12/2015

When it comes to finding the right house for you we know that its imperative that you take the time to make the most of property viewings, first of all to gather as much information on the house as you can, and secondly to feel confident after the viewing that you may or may not want to make an offer on the property.


With these thoughts in mind, we have put together a savvy list of tips to consider when it comes to finding the right property for you.


1.  A house is a house… until you make it home

Arguably the most difficult of all the advice we have to offer, viewing houses for the first time are generally set out for you to see the house purely as a building that requires inspection. So what we are trying to say here is just don't go getting too attached too soon, as you want to avoid having your heart broken with the decisions that are made out of your control.


On the contrary though, if you do find any issues then you shouldn’t automatically rule it out and be put off a purchase as this, depending on what you find, could quite well be used to negotiate on the valuation of the house.


2.  View, view, and view again

This second point should be taken into account, even in today’s fast-moving market, and we would advise that it is not a good idea to make a house purchase without viewing a property more than once. Essentially, the more times you take to view a house, the more likely you are to spot something you might not have before, whether that be good or bad. Expert research revealed that 26 per cent of people viewed their existing home just once before buying it, with 43 per cent viewing twice, 21 per cent three times, and just 11 per cent taking advantage of 4 or more viewing.


Try a few viewings at different times of day. This will give you better knowledge on how the traffic, light, and surrounding noises alter throughout the day.


D Don’t rush

When you take these viewings, ensure you spend a satisfactory amount of time viewing the property. Our advice would be to spend around 20 to 30 minutes at the house so that you can really get a nice feel for it.


4. Check out the neighbourhood

Just like viewing the house itself, you should make the effort spend at least 30 minutes walking around the general vicinity in order to see how close important things to you are, such as, schools, transport links or local shops, and eateries/cafes are.


5. Look at the structure of the building 

You should always check the exterior of the building meets your expectations and you can check this with a walk around the house. Keep an eye out for damp and hairline cracks in the walls, for example. Should you discover signs of an issue, then put forward questions to find out what the cause is and whether it will be fixed prior to purchase.


6.  Organise a house survey

It’s common for people to think they’ve had a proper survey when in actual fact they’ve received a mortgage valuation. We would advise a survey to be carried out in order to rule out the possibility of hidden issues with the house you're buying.


7.  Check land ownership with the property

If you have any doubt over who owns a garden or parking space for example, make certain you discover the answer and have it confirmed in writing.



If you are looking for letting agents in Devon that will help you with all the factors highlighted above then look no further than Howes Estates. With our extensive knowledge in the property sector you’re sure to find the home you’ve always dreamt of.


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