5 things you should never store in your bathroom

News at Howes Estates | 13/11/2015

While this may not be property advice, we like to branch out occasionally and help people who may have just found the let my home, Winkleigh ad with us here at Howes, taken advantage of it, and are now set to move into the home they’ve been looking for.


Once you’re in, you want to make sure your house is running smoothly, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy picking up handy tips that makes home life even better?


This time we’re talking about tips for the bathroom, or rather things you shouldn’t be storing in there. How many did you know?



For all the ladies out there, particularly the mums who take refuge in the bathroom every day for a slice of peace and quiet, did you know that the bathroom is not an ideal place for you to have your makeup stored in?


Typically, makeup should be stored at room temperature, therefore the altering temperatures and moisture conditions of the bathroom as a result of baths and showers make for a not so ideal place for your makeup to be kept, even if it does give you that 10 minutes of alone time!


Spare razorblades

You might think it’s the natural place to store your back up razorblades ready for when the current one has had its day. Think again. Due to the humidity of the room and the steam that is created you are dulling the effect of your new attachment prior to it needing to be brought into action. If you’re a bit of a neat freak and you really don’t want to store them elsewhere, you can always stick the spares in a resealable bag and keep it away from the moisture.



As you are probably more than aware, the bathroom harvests the biggest amount of mold and mildew than any other room in your home. So taking that point into account you should be looking to keep to towels and other linens as far away as possible from the bathroom to prevent the susceptibility to growth of excess mold and mildew.



There’s a chance you take your jewellery off just before you step into the shower, or sink into the bath, and put it on the side. If this is the case and you store your jewellery there until the next time you want to wear it, this is not advised, simply because the humid micro-climate the bathroom has exposes your jewellery to accelerated oxidisation processes, causing it to tarnish.




While there are those handy waterproof electronics available, at this day in age people are far more likely to plonk their portable docking stations on the side so they can dock their iPods or smartphones and relax to their smooth tunes as they soak in the tub. However, having your non-waterproof electronics in these humid conditions is leaving them at risk of damage. This sounds basic, but we’re all guilty of bending the rules, so just be careful! 

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